YACHTINGLINE by GardenArt’s products are carefully hand-crafted from the highest quality materials and undergo strict testing before they are delivered to the customer.

In the unfortunate event of a manufacturing defect, you have 8 days following receipt of the goods to make a claim; we will be happy to replace the faulty piece free of charge. Please note that GardenArt will not accept complaints presented after the eighth day from delivery date.

In any case, please remember that quality and customer care are fundamental to our company policy and we will always try to meet the requests of our valued customers.


For all defects in fabrics not caused by our manufacturing process, the original warranty provided by the producer shall be valid.

The 100% acrylic Tempotest Parà and polyester Soltis fabric are covered by 5-year warranty which covers color loss and fabric resistance due to normal sun exposure, salinity and other general weather-related agents.


Please note that over the years the solid wood frames may show some signs cracks. These shall not be considered defects, but simply regarded as the beautiful and natural features of “live” wood. Chipping or cracking of the wood does not affect the stability or the quality of our products, GardenArt will therefore not consider any claims regarding this aspect.

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