YACHTINGLINE colors and fabrics

The range of colors available for canopies is extraordinarily wide, from classic and simple to bright and lively. The finishing edges of the Classic canopy or each layer of the Multivalvola® System canopy can be made in the same color as the canopy or in a different color to create contrast.

Tempotest® by Parà, Soltis® by Ferrari, Irisun® by Giovanardi: YACHTINGLINE’s weatherproof and easy to maintain fabrics are made from the highest quality materials.

SOLTIS® 86 e 96 range

Soltis® by Ferrari is a micro-aerated, pretensioned polyester fabric, both non-deformable and tear-resistant. This fabric blocks UV rays while evacuating heat, offering exceptional outward visibility.

IRISUN® range

Irisun® by Giovanardi is an elegant fabric made of 100% acrylic material. Treated with Teflon, this fabric is waterproof, stain proof, and weatherproof.


The supports for our sunshades are designed with the most reliable materials available: solid wood, carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, mirror-polished AISI 316L stainless steel.

Perfectly fitting solutions for every need.

YACHTINGLINE by GardenArt guarantees detailed personalization on all models, which may vary in terms of height, canopy size, materials used for the support structures and types and colors of fabric. Endless freedom of choice that makes each creation unique.

We assist our client every step of the way, from choosing the most suitable solution to meet specific needs of our clients, from post-sales assistance to maintenance.

Our production phase is monitored at every step along the way: from choosing the right materials and assembly, to adding on the finishing touches and quality control.


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